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The chemistry of your mouth is as unique as your fingerprint. No two are exactly alike.

And so, when I read in popular magazines that “you” need a dental hygiene appointment just twice a year to stay in good health, I get very concerned. They don’t know you!

They are referring to an “average” patient. Sure, two visits are fine for many patients, even most. But some mouths buildup more deposits of calculus (tartar) than others. Some mouths are naturally cavity-prone. Still others-and this is critical-may be showing signs of periodontal problems. Bleeding gums need to be taken seriously. They are signs of an infection, which can be a significant risk factor in your overall health.

The old dental adage goes, if you have a bleeding sore on your hand that did not heal, you would get to the doctor and have it checked out, right? So why do people go months, even years, with bleeding gums and believe it’s “normal” for them.

Type I periodontitis (gingivitis) consists of swollen, tender, gums with little bacteria-filled pockets between your tooth and the gum. It is easily treatable at this stage. But if the infected pockets go unchecked and progress, resulting in deeper pockets, the inflammation extends to the bone beneath, eroding it, causing irreversible damage. And unfortunately, the prognosis gets worse as the bone loss progresses through Type IV periodontitis.

My concern for your health AND your teeth-not whether you have met your hygiene “quota” for the year. I want your visits to be right for you and your mouth. When is your next cleaning?