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Financial and Insurance

At Copper Canyon Dentistry we pride ourselves on providing safe, effective, and affordable treatment for every member of the family. The financial portion of dental treatment can be confusing, which is why we have built a working relationship with many of the top insurance companies. We also offer a fantastic special for new patients and payment options to fit your needs. Our team members are available to walk you through any questions that may arise regarding the financial aspect of your dental care.

Insurance and Patient Co-payments

In order to ensure that your insurance company is billed properly, it’s important for you to fill out your new patient forms with accurate dental insurance information. Submitting accurate new patient forms prior to your dental appointment will allow our team to ensure that we can review your insurance benefits and maximize them for any treatment needed. This will also allow us to determine any fees and co-payments dictated by your insurance policy. Our team is happy to work with your insurance provider and answer any questions you may have in regard to your policy.


When working with insurance, it is important to note that you are solely responsible for fees and co-payments. Our team is happy to assist you when filing a dental or medical claim, but we ask that you follow our financial policy when payment is due. Talk with our staff during your consultation to learn more about our financial policy.

Appointments and Consultations

If you are a first-time patient, we will ask you to schedule a consultation visit. During your consultation Dr. Hakam Al-Samarrai will perform a comprehensive exam and review your dental and medical histories. Most regular appointments consist of a checkup and professional cleaning. If we notice any protentional instances of decay, damage, or gum disease we may recommend additional treatment. Once we develop an appropriate treatment plan, our front office team will provide you with a detailed list of fees. We can also provide an estimate of out-of-pocket fees based on your insurance policy.