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Emergency Dentistry Services

Valencia, CA

Not all dental problems can wait until working hours to be addressed. Some can cause extreme pain while others will only lead to bigger health concerns if left untreated. Such unforeseeable situations are why everyone needs an emergency dentist.

If you experience any of the following, seek emergency dental care:

  • Severe Tooth Damage: If your tooth gets knocked partially or entirely out of its pocket, or a large piece breaks off it, the immediate attention of an emergency dentist will be needed. Quick action will not only help curb potentially excruciating pain but also raise your chances of saving the tooth before the nerve dies.
  • Excessive Pain: Severe pain in the mouth is a sign something is not right with your gums, teeth or jawbone. While short-lived pain can be overlooked, anything that lasts more than 30 minutes would be worth worrying about. An emergency dentist will help establish the cause of your pain and the right treatment for it.
  • Abscess or Pus Drainage: If you experience pus drainage or abscess that appears suddenly, chances are there is an underlying condition that needs immediate checking. An emergency dentist will ensure the symptoms do not spread to other parts of your mouth by administering antibiotics to you.
  • Swelling that Increases: Any painless or painful swelling of your cheeks, gums or face should be addressed as soon as it becomes apparent.

If moving or shutting your jaw feels painful, you probably have an infection that is yet to go full-blown. Antibiotics from an emergency dentist will help prevent the condition from spreading.

Copper Canyon Dentistry is a dental care center in Valencia that offers care for all kinds of dental emergencies. Whether it’s a knock, a toothache or swelling that won’t stop, our experienced emergency dentist is always up for the task to see that your problem is addressed.