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Going to the dentist is a fear many people have. There is the feeling of anxiety that can hinder effective treatment if you fail to show up. Coming to the office does not always entail pain. You can expect to find dental procedures that are painless, but very essential for proper dental health. Dental cleaning is one such procedure that we perform at our clinic.

When you come for dental cleaning there are several things that you can expect. Our dental hygienist will ensure that you are comfortable and you first know what is to be done. Our dental team will ensure that you feel free when you are having the dental cleanings and will explain to you what they entail.

Tooth and Gum Examination

Before cleaning the dentist will check for any signs of an oral problem such as plaque formation and buildup of tartar and appearance of any dark spots in the mouth. The dentist will use a scaler to remove the plaque and tartar. If the gums have a lot of buildups the dentist will use a probe that is similar to a scaler to remove the plaque.

Flossing and polishing

The dentist after the removal of plaque deposits and tart will floss the teeth to remove any remaining deposits and ensure that all parts are clean. A special tool will be used to remove stains on the teeth and the teeth will be polished with an electric toothbrush.

Fluoride treatment

The fluoride treatment is optional to the patient and is in different flavors. Fluoride helps in improving general health and also prevents cavities from forming. Dental cleanings are important in detecting early signs of gum disease. The dentist will offer treatment if they notice that you have gingivitis since it is reversible.
We are always ready to receive you at our clinic to offer top-quality dental cleaning services. You can contact us to book an appointment, or to speak with one of our experts.