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Tooth decay can be the start of complex dental health issues such as toothache and missing teeth. You should therefore take urgent action to get the issue checked early enough to prevent worsening of the tooth decay condition. At our dental care facility, we use modern techniques and methods to ensure you retain your prime oral health. For tooth decay, we can use teeth-colored fillings, veneers, and bonding to stop the condition from worsening. There are tell-tale signs that can alert you to tooth decay. These include:

Bad Breath

A foul odor from your mouth is usually a major sign that you have decaying teeth. The bacteria in your mouth break down food into acids, which then corrode your enamel. During this process, there is usually a smell that comes out, and this is the bad odor that comes from your mouth. Therefore, when you start noticing the bad breath, you should come to the dentist’s office immediately.


When tooth decay starts, some patients can experience excruciating pain. This is usually because the nerve and blood vessels in your mouth have become infected. The solution that our dentists can offer includes dental fillings that will prevent the decay from going any further.

Discolored Teeth

It is also possible that your teeth will become discolored and have dark spots. This is usually because the acids and food particles stain and corrode the outmost layer of your teeth.

Seek Professional Help

Visit our dental practice for care and management. Tooth decay is a serious issue that needs immediate professional intervention. Our dentists can offer you the assistance you require to enjoy maximum dental health.