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A dental abscess is a pocket of pus that forms from a bacterial infection. Dental abscesses can form in different parts of the tooth. It is important to note that dental abscess affects the involved tooth and affects the surrounding teeth. This is why it is essential to come in for treatment immediately you notice signs of a dental abscess. There are various symptoms of a dental abscess. Some of them include:

Bad Breath

One of the early signs of dental abscesses is bad breath. If you notice a constant bad breath even after brushing your teeth, you could be having a dental abscess. Bad breath is caused by pus that accumulates in your tooth pulp. This condition only gets worse if you don’t come in for treatment. Your breath could get so bad that it becomes hard to interact with others. If you are experiencing this symptom, come in for treatment immediately.

Tooth Sensitivity

While some tooth sensitivity cases are not a concern, sensitivity caused by dental abscesses is very uncomfortable. When you expose your mouth to cold or hot temperatures, you will experience sharp pain. In addition, a dental abscess exposes your tooth root, making it very painful to drink hot or cold beverages. If you notice constant tooth sensitivity that makes it difficult for you to eat, it could signify an oral abscess. Coming in for treatment early enough will help rescue the situation. However, taking too long to seek medical attention could only worsen the situation.

Throbbing Pain

Another common sign of dental abscess is a throbbing toothache. You will experience a sharp, consistent pain that makes it hard to use your mouth. You will find it hard to enjoy food and speak correctly. Schedule a consultative appointment with us for more information on the dental abscess.