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You might have come across someone with braces, you might have had them or are planning to have them. It can be expensive to have them installed and this might tempt you to opt for the DIY braces. The question is, are they safe?

What Are DIY Braces?

DIY braces are made by someone who does not have any professional background using cheap materials. This trend started from the internet where videos of people making them are spread on social platforms.

Effects of DIY Braces

Irreplaceable damage to teeth. The fake braces apply uncontrolled pressure to your teeth that may cause very serious damage to your teeth or make your teeth alignment worse.

Jaw and gum damage. These braces only focus on teeth alignment which is not the only thing braces are meant to do. Normal braces help to align the jaw and decrease pressure on gums and teeth. Straightened teeth result from moving the root of the tooth to the right place. If the tooth and jaw bone do not align the right way, then it is subjected to wear and tear.

Infection in your mouth. The materials used to make the braces may react with saliva making you ill. Your gums and tissue can be bruised by these braces exposing them to bacteria that causes infection.

The bands used in fake braces are very tight and therefore put a lot of pressure on teeth leading to reduced blood flow that helps nourish your teeth. They can also kill the roots leading to tooth pulling.

You might have preferred the makeshift braces because they are cheap but you might end up spending more than you could have spent to buy normal braces due to the damage they may cause. Visit our clinic and learn more from our team of professional dentists.