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There are oral conditions that can cause damage to your teeth. Conditions like tooth decay could distort the shape of your teeth and affect their functioning. If that happens, you will need urgent treatment to prevent the advancement of the condition. One of the most reliable solutions for such cases is glass fillings. These fillings seal the existing tooth cavity and halt the progression of decay. Glass fillings are made of ionomer and can help fix various oral problems. If you are interested in getting these appliances, you should ask us about them. Here are some of the essential details you should know about glass fillings.

They Are Softer than Natural Teeth

Glass fillings are a little bit softer than your natural teeth. This is due to the fact that they are made of ionomer, a soft material. Even though glass fillings are meant to last for a long time, taking good care of them is very important. Also, avoid chewing on hard food items like nuts, ice, or hard candy. Such habits could easily dislodge them.

Glass Fillings Blend in Naturally

If you are wondering if glass fillings will look natural, you shouldn’t be worried because they do. Glass fillings have a white color that is similar to that of your natural teeth. As a result, people will hardly notice you are wearing them. The natural white color makes glass fillings one of the most reliable ways of repairing damaged teeth. It is for that reason that many patients opt for these fillings.

Getting Glass Fillings Is Easy

The process of getting glass fillings is easy and straightforward. Unlike what some people think, we take only a few minutes to place glass fillings in your mouth. After that, you will need a few days of adjusting to them. Get in touch with us for more information on glass fillings.