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All-on-4® Treatment

Valencia, CA

Do you need the full arch replacement capability of dentures, but do not want to deal with the hassle and headache that conventional dentures bring with them? Then you want the All-on-4 Treatment Concept, the best alternative to dentures. Copper Canyon Dentistry has everything you need to know about this incredible treatment concept.

The Basics of the All-on-4 Treatment Concept

The All-on-4 Treatment Concept relies on dental implant technology. Whereas conventional dentures sit atop your jaw, implants are placed within your jaw, giving you the stability and durability that dentures cannot. By going inside the jaw, implants perform the same function that the missing tooth roots used to do, helping to stimulate the bone. This stimulation helps to maintain healthy calcium levels, and ensures that your jaw stays healthy and your face youthful. With the All-on-4 treatment, all this can be accomplished with only four implants to replace a full arch. Compared to traditional implants, this means all of the same teeth but with far less surgery.


How Can the All-on-4 Treatment Benefit You?

If you are part of the millions who are missing a full arch then the All-on-4 treatment can benefit you by being a fast, inexpensive, and highly effective replacement. All-on-4 replacement teeth are made to flawlessly blend in with the rest of your teeth, while being immune to decay and far sturdier than your natural teeth. Unlike with dentures, your All-on-4 replacements will never shift inside your mouth. That means no clicking, no restricted foods, and no unfortunate speech mishaps.

How to Prepare for the All-on-4 Treatment

Dental implants are an incredible piece of technology, but they can have more rigorous requirements for use than something simpler like dentures. To ensure the safe and successful placement of implants, there are a few treatments that might need to be performed first. If you are currently dealing with gum disease, that will first have to be reversed, as the bacteria that cause the infection can eat away at the bones meant to support implants. If the facial bones are weakened, whether due to gum disease, tooth loss, aging, or another condition, then you will have to receive a bone graft before having implants placed.

What to Expect During the All-on-4 Treatment

Placing the All-on-4 treatment’s implants usually takes only a single sitting, meaning that you can be in and out of our office with a new arch in the same day. It takes longer for dental implants to completely merge with your jawbone, and we custom fabricate each set of replacement teeth. Once your implants have finished merging and your custom-fitted replacements are done, we will call you back to make the final adjustments.

The Premier Full Arch Restoration

If you want the best, then you want the All-on-4 Treatment Concept. Only All-on-4 can replace a full arch of teeth with so few dental implants, meaning less downtime and more face time with your brand-new smile.