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The most common way to treat a cavity is for our dentist to remove the decay and fill the tooth. Composite fillings are a form of dental restoration where cavities fill. We fill a cavity in your teeth with gold, silver amalgam, tooth-colored plastic, and glass materials called composite resin fillings. We also repair cracked or broken teeth that have been worn down.

How to carry out the procedure of fillings

A hole in the n tooth can also result in filling due to dental caries starting to form on the outside surface of the tooth slowly. Teeth sensitive to pressure also fall into this category since sensitivity indicates dead or dying dental pulp that requires endodontics. If your teeth also have black or dark spots, this should call for restorative dentistry that will restore the color of teeth and your smile finally restored.

An x-ray is used to determine more precise information regarding the decay’s location and severity, allowing the dentist to start the filling process. Or dental practitioner will administer a local anesthetic so that the area affected becomes numb. This ensures that our customers are at the fort during the entire procedure. The entire area of the tooth is prepared for restoration. A dental laser may be used. An acid gel is used to cleanse the area to remove any remaining bacteria or debris. The filling material is then applied to the area to fill the cavity. Placing a composite filling requires isolation of the affected tooth to prevent any interference by allowing moisture in the bonding process in the composite restoration.

Our professionals ensure the composite material is of the desired type and the best quality. The composite material is also hardened with a special bonding light. The tooth is finally polished.