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Dental Crowns

There are few cosmetic and restorative treatments as versatile as the dental crown. Capable of fixing a number of different dental disorders, here at Copper Canyon Dentistry we have a crown for nearly every patient’s unique situation.

What Dental Crowns Are

In dentistry, we actually refer to two different, but related, things as crowns. The first crown is a part of your tooth, specifically the outside of the tooth. The second type of crown is a specialized cap that covers only the outside of the tooth and does not extend to the tooth root, hence its name. A crown might cover only a portion of the tooth’s exterior, while other versions cover the entirety. Either way, a crown is meant to keep a damaged or disease tooth safe from getting worse. A crown might also be placed over a tooth that has recently been operated on and is still sensitive.


The Types of Crowns

Depending on your particular aesthetic demands, oral health needs, and budget, there is likely a type of dental crown that is perfect for you. The most cost-effective option is composite resin, but these are more prone to chipping, discoloration, and other damage, and do not match your natural teeth quite as closely. More durable, but also more expensive, options are all-porcelain crowns and porcelain wrapped around a metal core.

One consideration to keep in mind when selecting a material for your crown is the location of the crown. Your rear teeth are less visible when you smile and more important for chewing, which means a stronger material might be a better choice. On the other hand, your front teeth are highly visible and not as important for chewing. A material such as porcelain is often best for a forward crown as it is semi transparent, meaning that light reflects similarly to your natural teeth.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Crown?

Many people can benefit from the healing power of a dental crown. If you are looking to repair cosmetic damage such as chips, cracks, or fractures that cannot be fixed with a simple bonding treatment, then a crown may be right for you. A crown can also help treat decay, infection, and other damage.

If you have multiple teeth missing, you may also need a bridge or dental implant. Copper Canyon Dentistry can help you with all of these!

What to Expect When Getting a Crown

Having a permanent crown placed typically takes multiple visits to our office. During the first visit we will give you the standard, comprehensive dental exam to survey the site of the crown. Based on the results of the exam, we will likely need to sculpt the underlying tooth to better support the crown. We will place a temporary crown to immediately give you full use of your teeth and start work fabricating your permanent, custom-fitted crown. When it is done, we will remove the temporary crown and place the permanent one.

Transform Your Smile Today!

Treat your teeth like royalty by giving them the care and attention they deserve with one of our high-quality crowns. If you want to learn more about how this versatile treatment and our other dental restoration options like bridges and dental implants for restoring the cosmetics of your smile, then give Copper Canyon Dentistry a call at (661) 219-7900 to schedule a consultation today!