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Anti-Snoring Devices

Valencia, CA

Snoring is more than just a nuisance, it could indicate that you have sleep apnea. This condition causes the individual to wake up to catch their breath, sometimes hundreds of times per night, often without realizing it. Waking up so frequently can cause serious medical problems without treatment.

The Importance of Protection

An anti-snoring device is a mouthguard, and it is often the best way to treat snoring. There are many different devices that help combat snoring, but a good example of one includes a mouth guard that fits over your teeth. This helps to adjust your mouth properly to make sure that air gets in and out the way it’s supposed to while you’re sleeping. Snoring is often caused due to obstructions in your mouth, teeth, tongue and other parts of your pallet and other structures that get in the way.


How Is the Anti-Snoring Device Made?

In order for the anti-snoring device to work properly, it must be calibrated to your specific anatomy. This is usually done in a variety of different ways. For example, one common way to accomplish this is to heat the device so it molds to the shape of your mouth. You will then bite down on the device which will make impressions into the soft material of the device.

Next, the device is adjusted to push your mouth and other structures into the position that ensures that air will get out. The key part of this procedure is to make sure that it’s as comfortable as possible to place the device in your mouth. Most devices don’t absolutely guarantee to eliminate snoring, but chances are good that you will notice an improvement in your snoring.

How Does the Anti-Snoring Device Work?

The anti-snoring device works by keeping your lower jaw in a forward position to ensure your airway will stay open all night. The idea is that the more your jaw is pushed forward, the more your airway will open, and this is what makes it so easy to calibrate the device for specific needs.

Benefits of Using an Anti-Snoring Device

Those who use an anti-snoring device will notice other benefits than an appreciative bed partner who no longer has to listen to you snore at night. The primary benefit to the wearer is that they will have better, more rejuvenating sleep.

If you suffer from snoring for any reason, being fitted for an anti-snoring device could be a game changer for you.