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Laser Dentistry

Valencia & Newhall, CA

At Copper Canyon Dentistry, we want you to have a zero-anxiety experience at our dental practice. That’s why we offer Valencia laser dentistry, utilizing the Solea® laser. The state-of-the-art technology, Solea® laser dentistry, lets us do pain-free/anesthesia-free dental procedures. Solea® is the first and only FDA-cleared CO2 dental laser designed to treat both hard and soft oral tissues (teeth and gums). A wide range of dental issues can be addressed with Solea.

The Solea laser offers patients a pain-free, drill-free, noise-free experience, something patients who are fearful of needles or drills will appreciate. Laser dentistry is highly precise and allows us to perform the best treatment possible. This means no need for local anesthesia injections, and waiting for the numbness to “kick in,” before starting the dental treatment procedure. Because of this, you’ll spend less overall time to complete any given procedure, and surely you as the patient appreciate that as much as your dentist does!

hand with dental laser system

Enjoy a Zero-Anxiety Dental Experience

We understand how many are fearful of the dentist, whether due to past trauma or fear of the sights and sounds common at the dental office. We can help alleviate these fears, and out team has the world-class training needed to use the Solea laser precisely and accurately so you feel no pain and have no need for anesthesia.

Our office is proud to provide other up-to-date technology services for our patients!